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Manuka & Rose Geranium Spray On Deodorant 100ml-NZ Native Oils Ltd

Manuka & Rose Geranium Spray On Deodorant 100ml


The odour eliminating ingredients in this deodorant are Magnesium Oil, Witch Hazel. and Manuka Essential Oil.

 Magnesium is a vital mineral for our health and well-being, and one that many people are deficient in.  Using magnesium in your deodorant not only offers an effective alternative to a chemical filled antiperspirant, but it also gives you your daily dose of this important mineral!  Benefits: In addition to having countless benefits, magnesium can actually help to deodorize your body from the inside out!

 So while this combo of magnesium, witch hazel, and bacterial-busting essential oils help to protect you from odor externally, the magnesium will also be absorbed into your body and help to minimize odor from the start.

Witch hazel is also an antibacterial, so it kills off odor causing bacteria.

I have combined the essential oils of Manuka and Rose Geranium in this formulation due to their anti-bacterial properties and also their clean fresh fragrance.

Natural Ingredients:

Magnesium Oil, Witch Hazel, Natural Solubiliser, Essential Oils of Rose Geranium and Manuka.