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Manuka Acne Spot Treatment 15ml-NZ Native Oils Ltd

Manuka Acne Spot Treatment 15ml


A roll-on fast acting spot treatment to help control and soothe acne breakouts naturally,  minimizes acne breakouts and promotes immediate healing of blemishes.

A blend of organic sunflower oil, manuka, lavender and clary sage essential oils.
Sunflower oil contains vitamins A, C, D, and E, and essential fatty acids which provide a protective layer on the skin preventing bacterial skin contact.

Manuka essential oil is used as a strong antiseptic to kill acne related bacteria. Its anti-inflammatory benefits help to promote healing while soothing and reducing redness.

Clary sage contains a special chemical called linalyl acetate which works to reduce inflammation and prevents acne scarring.  It regulates the oil production of the skin, which can help future acne from forming with regular use.  Antibacterial properties also make clary sage a great choice in preventing breakouts from spreading.

Lavender oil can help reduce the appearance of breakouts. Lavender has astringent properties that remove pore impurities and can rejuvenate the skin. Lavender oil soothes itchy and irritated skin, reduces acne redness and clears the face’s complexion.

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