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Kawakawa Gift Box-NZ Native Oils Ltd

Kawakawa Gift Box


This beautifully presented gift box contains
  • 2 Jade Gha Sha Massagers, a roller and a scraper
  • Kawakawa Infused Organic Sweet Almond Oil
  • Green Tea Infused Konjac Sponge.
Kawakawa leaves were traditionally used topically for numerous conditions including, bruises, rheumatism, dry - irritated skin and minor cuts and infections. Kawakawa leaves contain volatile oil and two key components of this, Myristicin and Elemicin have been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. By infusing the leaves in almond oil, these oil soluble constituents are able to be extracted. 

This oil can be used directly on the skin to help heal minor scraps and burns, it can also be massaged into achy joints to help relieve pain.